Things To Do in Rock Hill, SC


There are always things to do in Rock Hill, SC. You will never get bored. Here is a list of just some of the activities you can do while here:

1 – The Museum of York County

Learn about the Carolina Piedmont and its connections to the world at the Museum of York County! With more than 2,000 specimens at your fingertips the museum’s Naturalist Center is the only Smithsonian-styled education center in South Carolina.

In the Settlemyre Planetarium, with state-of-the-art digital projection and new programs you have an opportunity to travel the cosmos. A playful learning area attracts our youngest visitors in Tot Town, while the Gallery features changing exhibitions.

2- The Rock Hill Fire Station Museum

With several exhibits and history information, there is no room for boredom here. It’s a great place for children especially as they get to explore, learn, and get their energy out! If your little one has a vivid imagination and has a lot of energy this is definitely a great spot for them.

3- Glencairn Garden

For years Glencairn Garden has been a popular attraction with its gorgeous walkways and landscaped lawns.  It is currently an 11 acre garden paradise situated in the heart of Rock Hill after starting out as the backyard garden of David and Hazel Bigger in 1928.  Late March/early April is usually the peak blooming season – although it does occur year round too for a variety of flowers.

The Garden was the original inspiration for Rock Hill’s annual Come-See-Me Festival which has become a 10-day event held each spring at Glencairn Garden and other Rock Hill sites. 

4- Canaan Zipline Canopy Tour

If you’re looking for tons of fun and even more adventure, with maybe a little pump of adrenaline Rock Hill city has the perfect spot for you! This guided canopy tour zipline adventure takes place over the Catawba River and there are a couple different tours you can choose from.

Full Tour – Take part in 9 ziplines and challenges from a 70-foot tower.

Bootleg Tour – If it’s your first time ziplining this is a good option as you start with 5 ziplines from a 70-foot tower. If you’re feeling confident you can upgrade to the full tour.

5- MindGames Escape Room

With 4 different escape rooms and an opportunity for endless fun with family and friends you can’t go wrong with MindGames Rock Hill. MindGames is an interactive scenario-based game, where players use puzzles and elements of the room to escape within a 60-minute time limit.


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