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Getting a puppy is a large investment, in terms of time and cost. At the same time the joy a puppy can bring is greater than the money spent. A puppy should be in a good home with an owner who understands and can teach them, or who brings them in for puppy training classes to give them a good head start.

Aside from puppy training, making the right decision for you and your family on what type of dog to purchase will ensure a happy, long-lasting, stress-free for all! This is why we offer Pre-Purchase Puppy Consultations & also Puppy Training once you have welcomed your new puppy home.


Puppy Training in Charlotte – If you have a puppy the time to start training is NOW!

Our puppy training program with a focus on dog behavior has great results. We know how to guide you and your puppy in the right direction for the best long-term results. The time to start is now – when your pup is small and is learning so much every day.

Our puppy training isn’t just basic puppy training classes and puppy socialization classes. We tackle all the basics included in puppy training plus housebreaking, basic commands, and more. And, we don’t only train the puppy – we will show YOU, the owner, how to customize a consistent regiment using YOUR unique lifestyle and schedule. Both the owner and dog benefit from Sally Said So’s puppy training.

Schedule in-home puppy training classes for a private training and convenience. Our certified dog trainers will provide one-on-one guidance in the following areas:

  • Housebreaking
  • How to stop inappropriate chewing
  • Preventing nipping and biting
  • Teaching basic obedience
  • How to integrate a puppy into a multi-dog household
  • Puppy crate training
  • Safe social strategies
  • How to handle puppy personalities such as fearful, hyperactive, or nervous
  • Creating a set routine for the puppy
  • Learning how to manage the routine long term
  • How to effectively communicate with your puppy & more!


What is a Pre-Purchase Puppy Consultation?

A Pre-Purchase Puppy Consultation is a one-on-one private in-home consultation where Shane Gentry, Sally Said So’s top dog trainer, will assess your lifestyle, your personality, home environment, schedule, and long-term goals to help you choose the right puppy for your needs.

Are you an active person? A more quiet, relaxed person who loves cuddles? Is your home big or on the smaller side? It may be tempting to choose the cutest pup of the bunch – however, that one might not match with your long-term goals or lifestyle. It’s sort of like dating!

Just like humans, dogs all have unique personalities. Our job is to assess what type of dog personality would match yours. Some dogs are very happy, hyper, and active – while others may be more protective, laid back, or calm. With Shane’s extensive background in dog behavior and dog breeds, he can assist clients in choosing a breed that fits! If you want to choose the best breed and dog for you and your lifestyle, a certified and experienced dog trainer can come in handy.


Talk to our expert dog trainers. To get started we do a 1-on-1 dog training consultation where we meet with you and your dog to find the best solution. The methods used are ones we determine at the consultation.

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Puppy training

How your puppy learns

Puppies learn quickly, so it’s important that they pick up good habits right from the start. If your puppy does something good, then reward them because they learn by association. Afterwards, the good behavior is more likely to continue once they make that positive association. The reward needs to happen right after the action so they don’t get confused. The reward can be in the form of praise or a few treats, or maybe both if they’re acting very well!

Puppy training teaches them what they can and cannot do, so puppy owners should follow suit. Dangerous behaviors need to be especially handled right away by interrupting the behavior with a sharp and direct “no” to get their attention. Ensure they receive a reward when they stop and pay attention to you. Keep your temper in check because puppies do not learn from yelling or hitting.

For best puppy training results START EARLY! Call today at 704-286-1135 or fill out our contact form to speak with one of our top dog trainers today!

We also offer other dog training services in Charlotte and beyond. Please enquire within!

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