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Owning a dog is a wonderful experience, but it can also be stressful and annoying at times, like when your dog doesn’t listen, displays erratic behaviors, demonstrates aggression unnecessarily. No need to feel overwhelmed. That’s’ where Sally Said So comes in!


Our private in-home dog training in Charlotte, NC takes place in the dog’s natural environment where bad behaviours tend to begin. Dogs can act nicely while out in a class setting but upon coming home, they tend to revert to their old bad habits. Sally Said So’s professional dog trainers will come to your house and work directly with you and your dog.

If you live in Charlotte or nearby and are looking for “dog training near me”, we’re here to help! Our dog trainers can help remove bad dog behaviors or habits and create good ones.  In the end, this will help strengthen the bond you have with your dog. Plus, when you go for a walk or your dog meets a new person for example, s/he will act obediently and will obey your commands. How can any dog owner say “no” to that?

We recognize that every dog is unique and demands a certain approach to dog training. Our in-home dog training Charlotte and beyond, offers personalized training for optimal results. Just remember that after 9 weeks of age, the socialization period for dogs has ended. 9 weeks it’s your dog should learn appropriate greeting behaviors and it’s important to have them desensitized to noises, sounds, etc.


Receive one-on-one personalized and private dog training in the comfort of your home, at your convenience!

Not only will your dog learn in the comfort of their home, they will also have the opportunity to learn outside of the home. Dog training in public will teach your dog to behave appropriately outside of the home as well, which is equally important. Our in-home dog training courses teach functional obedience by using REAL LIFE situations and stimuli.

Common issues we resolve are basic dog obedience, dog reactivity, riding in the car, dog leash walking, rushing the door, jumping on guests, and much more. We work with our clients until satisfaction is fully achieved. Our goal is for our clients to feel relaxed and confident when they take their dogs out, as well as their behavior in the home.

Puppies and grown dogs alike can benefit from in-home dog training. In order to receive the best head start, we strongly suggest bringing your dog in as a puppy! Our puppy training consists of teaching the pup a daily routine or structure that include:

  • Knowing where the food and water dish is
  • Bedtime and wake up time
  • Where the bathroom is
  • Where his toys are kept
  • Eating time
  • and more



Talk to our expert dog trainers. To get started we do a 1-on-1 dog training consultation where we meet with you and your dog to find the best solution. The methods used are ones we determine at the consultation.

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Setting up an in-home private dog training session is easy, quick. and convenient. We have a variety of appointment times including evenings and weekends to help accommodate your schedule.

If an in-home dog training class is not up your alley, check out the rest of our dog training courses.

Call us today at (704) 286 1135 or send us an email to learn more about how our private in-home dog training program can help your dog succeed!

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