History of Concord, NC


Twenty miles northeast of Charlotte lies Concord city near the eastern edge of the Piedmont region. The city was first settled about 1750 by German and Scots-Irish immigrants and was incorporated in 1806. Records of the 1821 city elections are preserved in area newspapers. The City’s written records begin with Minutes of a meeting on March 13, 1837, when newly-elected Magistrate of Police (now Mayor) J. L. Beard, and four Town Commissioners met to take their oaths of office and to organize city government. By 1838, the tax list showed “taxables” in Concord as 46 white males and 29 African-American males. From the end of the Revolutionary Period to the end of the Civil War, counties in North Carolina exercised judicial and administrative functions through their local County Courts while towns were generally small trading centers and seats of local government until 1865. 

The name Concord was derived from a settlement of a dispute between the German Lutherans and Scotch-Irish Presbyterians that arose over the site. Concord means “with harmony.”

The city was founded in 1796, and after the 1799 the North Carolina gold rush began after the discovery of the Reed Gold Mine. However, mining declined by the 1850s and instead the city of Concord became a textile center in the 20th century. Various cotton items and hosiery we produced, and the wealth accumulated allowed business owners and others to build homes.

Major industries now include automotive racing, coffee, healthcare, manufacturing, educational institutions, retail sales and food distribution.

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