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Sally Said So Dog Training in Charlotte is certain to cover all your dog training needs. Choose from a variety of dog training classes and programs!


Sally Said So Professional Dog Training offers a wide variety of dog training services and programs. From AKC certification, to puppy training classes, and more!

Shane Gentry is our certified top trainer and utilizes scientifically proven dog training techniques. He follows a philosophy of providing a consistent and fair environment for your dog. What makes him stand out from the rest is his strong determination for your dog’s success, along with his genuine passion for animals and the community. Also, he truly understands the importance of a happy dog owner. By working closely with both the dog and the owner, he pushes to make a positive change in every dog owner’s life!

Sally Said So’s dog training is reward-based and uses positive reinforcement. Your dog will learn to do things for you because he actually wants to. This excellent method also advances the bonding relationship between the dog and owner.   Each time you reward your dog for good behavior, the dog will feel better about you because you are conditioning the emotional response.

Our aggressive dog training is very popular, and very beneficial in certain cases like having a baby on the way. Once a life major life change arises (moving, new baby, another pet in the house, etc) dog owners should be aware that the dog’s behavior can change. Sometimes a dog may feel stressed and act out aggressively. That’s where Sally Said So Charlotte comes in to help. We can help the dog and owner work together in harmony. Or, if you just purchased a puppy, get them in with us for a head start on puppy training. Getting them in asap produces the ultimate dog training results!

We offer a variety of professional dog training services in Charlotte and beyond which include:


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Call the experts at Sally Said So Professional Dog Training TODAY at (704) 289-1135​ or fill out our contact form. We would love to give you more information about any of our services – even if you don’t see a service you’re searching for on our site, simply call!  We will even schedule a private, in-home consultation to tell you exactly which dog training program we recommend to help your dog succeed. Remember, regardless of your dog’s age or breed, change is possible.


Talk to our expert dog trainers. To get started we do a 1-on-1 dog training consultation where we meet with you and your dog to find the best solution. The methods used are ones we determine at the consultation.

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dog anxiety training and separation anxiety


We also train cats!

If you have a cat and dog it would be puuurfect to get training for both – since they will need to cohabitate cooperatively.

Dr. Jennifer Goetz is the cat expert and can help your cat safely and comfortably cohabitate with your dog!

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