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Sally Said So Offers World Class Dog Training Services to Charlotte North Carolina!

Sally Said So is THE home of dog training and puppy training. Our highly experienced team focuses on more than your typical dog obedience training, group classes, and simple commands. Our professional dog trainers teach lifestyle dog training programs that cater around your life, activity level and schedule. Because of the program’s personal touch, proven results, and professional experience, our clients say that Sally Said So is the #1 Dog Trainer in Charlotte. We thank all our clients for the kinds words and we take our mission seriously to help you and your dog have the best life together.

You may have searched “dog training near me” or “puppy training near me” etc. … and we’re here to let you know that you’ve found the right place! Sally Said So goes above and beyond, that’s why we offer in-home dog training programs fully tailored to the needs of the dog and the owner.

You can feel comfortable knowing we have the most experienced and professional dog trainers in Charlotte and beyond!

Reach out to us for a consultation where we can discuss any issues you might be facing, while also evaluating your pup and determining the next steps as far as methods and routine. Whether you need dog obedience training or puppy training in Charlotte, by working with us we are confident that you’ll love the results!

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Obedience Instructors: We Can Help!

Dog Aggression Training

We dig deep to find the reasons behind your dog’s aggressive behavior and we use a very strict dog training program to make you and your furry friend happier.

AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification

The purpose of the Canine Good Citizen Program is to ensure that your dog is properly trained to become a well-respected member of the community. Our dog trainers can make this happen, even with the most naughty dogs.

Puppy Training

Our puppy training program is designed with dog behavior in mind. We understand that these puppy months are critical in your dog’s long-term behavioral development.

Dog Anxiety Training

Humans aren’t the only ones with anxiety. Dogs have anxiety too!…It can appear in the form of separation anxiety or the fear of the unknown. Our methods and techniques will teach your pup to be more comfortable.

The Best Dog Trainers Charlotte, NC Has To Offer

Shane Gentry – Owner & Top Dog Trainer of Sally Said So Dog Training

We offer many professional dog training services, including:

  • Puppy Training
  • Dog Anxiety Training
  • Dog Aggression Training
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen
  • Group Dog Training
  • Private In-Home Training
  • Behavior Modification Training
  • Expecting Mothers Canine Preparation
  • Pet First-Aid Classes
  • And More!

Sally Said So Professional Dog Training is Fear Free Certified.

Dog Training Tip:

Dogs have short memory spans and therefore can only be taught to stop what they’re doing while in the act!  If you try to address the problem even minutes later, they won’t understand what you’re doing. When dog training, it’s very important that they are being watched or on the leash at all times. As expert dog trainers, we suggest this because they should get into a routine, are corrected when offering unwanted behaviors and praised when they make the right choices.

In order to teach dogs what they should be doing and should not be doing, it will take time, consistency, and small steps. Dogs have NO IDEA what “no” means. Just like human babies, they have no idea what you want from them and they certainly don’t come knowing the rules, how to be potty trained, where they can sleep, not sleep or not to touch the garbage. Never assume that dogs should JUST KNOW these seemingly simple things. They don’t, unless you take the time to teach them. As experienced dog trainers, we know this – but don’t fret, we can help you by providing the top dog training in Charlotte, NC. So, call now!


Our technique is simple and produces unbelievable results. For Sally Said So’s dog training bootcamp, we come into your home and set up your place to be successful. Each week we come with packets so there is no question as to what you should be doing. We ensure your pup is set up for ultimate success. During this particular dog training, we teach in different areas of the house so trust is built wherever the location. Your dog will earn their freedom back. It may sound strict, but the dogs love it, they get lots of loving attention, professional dog training, and of course treats. They also get exercise and a routine which reduces anxiety and increases happiness. When dogs know exactly what you expect of them, your home is a lot happier with your dog leaving the “bad” behaviors where it belongs – in the past.

Different Kinds of Dog Training

We offer several dog training programs so you and your dog have a lot of options. From basic etiquette to service skills such as search and rescue work, our dog trainers teach it all. There are various types of dog training based on the needs of the owner and dog.

Sally Said So puppy training classes are the ultimate way to socialize your puppy to other dogs and people in a safe and controlled environment. So, if you just brought home a new puppy, call us today! As the dog owner, you will learn how to raise a confident, happy dog with a focus on fear prevention. Puppy training classes are great fun for you and your pup!

Here are some different kinds of dog training programs that are available.

Behavioral dog training

Sally Said So’s Behavioral Dog Training in Charlotte teaches new behavior or helps modify an existing behavior. Most of this training may deal with problems like chewing, excessive dog barking, jumping on people, biting, or housebreaking.

During dog training it’s important to be aware that your dog is a unique individual. It’s important to observe your dog objectively when trying to determine the cause of problematic behavior so that you can recognise the triggers.

If your dog’s behavior isn’t changing after you’ve tried what you can, and you know something must be done, it’s ok to seek professional help. That’s where Sally Said So’s behavioral dog training comes in with our expert dog trainers.  We don’t want you to get so frustrated with your dog that to the point at which you consider condemning them to a shelter. We ask that you help your fuzzy pal with the resources available to you.

Behavioral Dog Training is also suitable for younger pups that are just getting started. It is best to get puppy training right away, before bad habits are developed.

How to Stop Aggression

Jotting down when and the circumstantial details around your dog’s aggressive behavior is important in shaping your next course of action. There are different reasons for aggressive behavior and the symptoms may be exhibited differently, depending on the dog.

There are so many ways you can manage the aggression and help your dog stay calm, but you must be patient as it will take consistency, time, and potentially the help of a dog training professional.

Sally Said So offers dog training that works! Try it out and see for yourself. Our dog trainers can tame even the most aggressive dogs. Every dog breed and type are welcome!

Obedience training

Dog obedience training is focused on using commands like lie down, sit, or stay, etc. to help dogs become more obedient to their owner. This dog training is slightly more advanced than the behavioral training we offer, but it will likely include some training to fix any behavioral problems before they arise.

So, if you’re looking for “dog training near me” look no further than Sally Said So! This type of training is also very appropriate for younger puppies.

Vocational or Service Dog Training

There are some dogs that learn how to hunt, heard, assist the disabled, do search and rescue work, or even work with law enforcement. Sally Said So’s AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification is the greatest choice for off leash k9 training.

During this dog training program, dogs learn specific techniques to hone their senses and communicate with humans.  The program is not easy and it is time-consuming, but it is worth it! Any type of vocational training for dogs would assume that they have a solid foundation in terms of their basic skills:

  • Be calm in unfamiliar and different settings
  • Be alert, but not reactive
  • Willing to please
  • Ability to learn and retain information
  • Capability of being socialized to many different situations and environments
  • Be reliable in performing repetitive tasks

Some of these programs are suited for specific breeds as well. The most common breeds trained as guide dogs are Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers and German Shepherd Dogs, but any dog breed can pursue this dog training – especially if they have the basic skills listed above.

What sets us apart from other obedience dog trainers?

Our dog training team helps dogs and their owners build a strong relationship. We make sure that both the dog and owner get properly trained! Sally Said So understands the crucial role dog owners play, so our mission is to provide dog owners with the knowledge and skills required to have a well trained, happy dog.

If you have a dog struggling with behavioral issues or who could benefit from any of our offered dog training programs, give Sally Said So Charlotte a call today!

We are excited to help bring behavioral balance to your dog’s life – in turn making your life easier.

Sally Said So is also AKC CGC certificated. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Change is possible with Sally Said So!

What Our Customers Say!

This company has incredible, dedicated and professional trainers. They are patient and kind and I would highly recommend them!!
Gina-Maria Pomann

These people speak a dogs language. Amazing results. Wish I could give more than 5 stars !
Bill yukon Hockenbury

Awesome! I needed help with some bad behavior my rescue dog was exhibiting and they were extremely helpful.
Falls Creek Farm

Shane and his trainers are absolutely AMAZING! My family loved learning how to train our puppy, and the puppy responded surprisingly well!
Jai Dollie

I worked with Shane personally, and he was so amazing! Since he has had a hand in everyone’s training at Sally Said So, I have no doubt that the rest of their team is equally amazing! Our training focused on reducing my dogs’ anxiety, and now doing activities with them is 100% a more enjoyable experience!
Sarah Whitley

I highly recommend Sally Said So. Shane and his colleagues taught me tips after I started fostering a dog from a Humane Society that had been at the shelter for most of his life. I honestly didn’t think this dog could be helped but with tips and patience, the dog is well behaved now and will never have go back to a shelter again. Thank you so much! What seemed impossible has actually been a success story!
Ken Matthews

Puppy Training and Starting early.

In general, it’s tough for puppies to learn since they have a hard time retaining information at such a young age. However, with time, patience, and proper dog training, they can – and do learn.  When you limit their freedom, we have found they are more prone to taking on things and learning fast.

When you have a puppy, it’s imperative to observe their behaviors. Make sure to look for any aggression or anxiety before it becomes second nature. At such a young age, puppies need a leader for guidance. We do puppy training or puppy preschool to help you and your pup.

This is an impressionable stage for puppies where habits can be formed or if something happens, it could stick with the pup forever. It’s crucial for puppies to be properly socialized instantly after their vaccines so they get used to loud noises, other people, other dogs and even cats. If you miss this step, life can get pretty difficult for you and your pup in the future. Puppies are a big responsibility and it takes time and effort to guide them on the right path. Our dog trainers at Sally Said So can help. Call us for a consultation or a schedule of puppy training classes.



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